What is Innovation in Motion?

About Us

To innovate requires doing. Creating. Delivering. It also requires a certain level of fearlessness, because innovative ideas often seem crazy and far-fetched – right up until the moment they start working.

Great ideas are not always born at a desk behind a keyboard; in fact, the tagline Innovation in Motion was conceived at a kitchen table in 2014 with a group of friends sipping Vietnamese coffee and sketching out the foundation of a new, different Business and IT services company. That fact gets to the crux of what Innovation in Motion is: in order to birth new methods, ideas, products and solutions to problems, we have to be willing to move outside of, around, and past the way we have always thought about things.

Innovation requires thought and planning, but can never be realized without action.

Now, marry this image of out-of-the-box creatives with an image of trained, experienced, professionals who use process and engineering rigor to solve complex problems. Those images may be completely opposite in your mind. At BTSG, we seek to employ individuals that are a mix of both. Our team is comprised of people with creative minds and problem solving skills that have enough experience to plan, apply the right processes, and execute for project success. We have created our Processes Empowering Project Performance (PEPP ™) product line and library in order to equip our team and yours, to ensure right processes are applied at the right time, with the right results.

Using Innovation in Motion, your BTSG team will cross the finish line, on time, every time, with products and deliverables that satisfy, enhance, and improve your mission effectiveness in ways you may never have dreamed possible.